Principles & Guidelines

Centralized procurement & supplier managementPwC

At the operational level, the Corporate Procurement organization supports the divisions in purchasing high quality goods and services, reducing spending and making cost-effective investments in a way that is both in line with our Group policies and regardful of environmental aspects.

Deutsche Post DHL Group procurement expenses in 20151PwC
Deutsche Post DHL Group procurement expenses in 2015 (pie chart)Deutsche Post DHL Group procurement expenses in 2015 (pie chart)

1 De-centrally procured transport services account for approximately 90% of our purchased transport volumes.

Supplier management is performed centrally by the Corporate Procurement organization and starts right at the beginning of the value creation chain. This ensures that the Supplier Code of Conduct Compendium of basic rules of conduct. applies to all our suppliers and that our standards are applied and adhered to by all involved in every stage of our own supply chain. We see our suppliers as more than just transport service providers or external agents who deliver the goods we need. They are also a valuable source of ideas that can be used to introduce improvements at Deutsche Post DHL Group.

We support our suppliers by providing them with our knowledge and expertise, and we offer them an interactive training module on our Supplier Code of Conduct and environmental and social standards. We also give our road freight subcontractors access to our procurement contacts to assist them, for example, in the procurement of new, more efficient vehicles.

New procurement platform

In the reporting year, we focused on making our procurement processes more efficient and transparent. The various procurement processes were standardized and integrated into the existing purchasing platform. Internal processes were significantly improved as a result.

Supplier management is now linked to this new, centralized procurement platform. This results in clear improvements regarding transparency and enables strategic management of procurement responsibilities right across the Group. It also helps us perform monitoring and evaluation in a standardized way.

Supplier evaluations include a third-party due diligence screening for suppliers who meet certain of the risk criteria contained in our Anti-corruption Policy. By taking this approach, we can ensure that they meet the Group’s supplier selection requirements and support both our environmental goals and our social standards.

In the section on Shared Value With our shared value approach, our portfolio of environmentally-friendly GoGreen products and diverse carbon efficiency measures allows us to follow through on our responsibility to society and the environment while enhancing the success of our business at the same time. , we report in detail on the environmental aspects of various procurement activities, including the global procurement of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Employee development

The pilot phase of our Security and Compliance The adherence to laws and regulations, standards, company policies and self-commitments. Awareness Workshop (SCAW) was successfully concluded in 2015. The workshop has now been integrated into our training offerings as part of a seminar on applying legal standards and guidelines.

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