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High data protection standards are integral to the Deutsche Post DHL Group brand and play an important business role. This is reflected in our updated materiality analysis (revised in this reporting year) which shows that our Stakeholders Individuals or groups of individuals affected by a company’s business operations. consider data protection to be of key importance to our business success.

In our growth market eCommerce as well as in international logistics, customers place great value on Compliance The adherence to laws and regulations, standards, company policies and self-commitments. with data protection rules and regulations.

Our standards are laid down in our Data Privacy Policy, which applies throughout the Group. Regular implementation checks, ongoing revision of our standards, and data privacy and protection training for our managers and employees ensure that the provisions the policy contains meet prevailing legal requirements.

As the leading postal and logistics services provider with 12,000 locations in more than 220 countries and territories, we must often observe what can be very different data protection rules and regulations. As there is no universally binding data protection law in place, with support from legal counsel, we conduct regular checks in all the countries in which we operate to ensure that both our own Data Privacy Policy and prevailing national rules and regulations are complied with. In places where no data protection regulations exist at the present time, we apply our own Group-wide standards.

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Our data protection management system is designed to further sensitize our managers and employees to the importance of data protection and to ensure our Data Privacy Policy is implemented at all times across the Group.

In 2016 we plan to review the possibility of including a module on data protection in the Group’s Certified initiative. Given the sensitive nature of our data protection indicators, we do not disclose this data externally.

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