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External recognition

Our performance as a company is evaluated independently against economic, ecologic, social or ethical standards by rating agencies and other institutions according to their own autonomous principles. We also utilize select rating platforms to have our performance capability as a service provider externally evaluated according to similar standards.

Lawrence Rosen, Board member for Finance, Global Business Services (photo)

»External ratings from rating agencies and investment recommendations from equity analysts reflect assessments of the performance capabilities of organizations. In addition to gauging current and future financial strength, these assessments also reflect stakeholders’ increasing demands for corporations to act responsibly. Transparency and reliable measurement of performance indicators create positive incentives for companies to continue to improve their performance in economic, environmental and social affairs.«

Lawrence A. Rosen
Board Member for Finance, Global Business Services

In the reporting year, diverse ratings agencies and the ESG performance platforms confirmed our positive ratings. Moreover, we were distinguished for our performance in the areas of diversity, health and occupational safety, and environmental protection.

Key ratings from ratings agencies in 2015
Key ratings from ratings agencies in 2015 (logos)Key ratings from ratings agencies in 2015 (logos)

Rating management


of our share capital is held by signatories of the PRI initiative

An increasing number of investors are integrating non-financial KPIs and the rankings of CR rating agencies in their company analyses and using them as a basis for investment decisions. At the moment 42% of our share capital is held by signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative, whose aims include advocating for more transparency in the reporting of non-financial key performance indicators.

Customers too with increasing frequency view a company’s presence on an ESG index as an additional criterion in their business-making decisions.

For our company these ratings primarily have a strategic significance. We consult them when we review the direction of our CR activities and use them as a benchmark comparison. Rating agencies have a place among those stakeholders we involve in the stakeholder survey component of our materiality analysis. We intend to deepen the dialogue with them.

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